HSE prosecute for a labourer suffering a skull fracture as he fell through a empty stairwell hole in a new build

The HSE have successfully prosecuted two construction firms because a labourer fell through an unprotected, first floor stairwell hole in a new build home. The casualty sustained a fractured skull, multiple broken ribs and required surgery to insert a plate into his collar bone. The principal contractor and a subcontractor were both prosecuted for failing to plan, manage and monitor the work at the site. Between them they were fined a total of £46,000 and required to pay court costs of £3,982. Falls from working at height continue to be one of the significant hazards we face on our sites. In this case the labourer was instructed by a director to carry out what was clearly unsafe work that led to the accident. The lesson to take away here, is if you think the work you are asked to carry out by anyone is unsafe ... don't do it ... no matter what peer-group pressure or coercion is applied. Report the matter to the H&S manager and they will deal with it.